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Candidature Masters et Masters spécialisés
Pour l'année universitaire 2019-2020

Translation Technology and Specialized Translation

This Master program of Translation Technology and Specialized Translation aims to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to analyze, effectively translate and edit texts in various domains where the services of a translator are needed with particular emphasis on the legal, technical, scientific, commercial and marketing domains and where any of the following three language are involved: Arabic, English and French ( in the following combinations: English -Arabic, Arabic -English, French -Arabic/English)
This master's program attempts to develop two interrelated skills that are essential to students of translation in the modern world:
  • To master the translation technologies such as translation memories and automatic translation, on the one hand, and
  • To deepen students’ knowledge of the various specialist domains (law, economics, the media, scientific and technical domains, etc) where translation is mostly needed, on the other hand.
The ultimate aim is to introduce and qualify students to the practice of professional translation.
Students will be qualified to follow one of three directions:
  • Establish their own translation services to exercise professional activities,
  • Work as translator or terminologist for a wide range of institutions and enterprises such as:
    • Translation offices.
    • Public services (courts,
    • The Media ( newspapers, television, etc)
    • Private Enterprises
    • Higher scientific research centres.
    • Diplomatic relations.
    • Teaching of languages for special purposes.
  • Proceed to a PhD
Diplômes requis : Licence or equivalent diploma in English, Arabic or French Studies or Licence or equivalent diploma in Law or Economics.
Procédures de sélection :
  • Etude du dossier :
    • Good mastery of English, Arabic and French.
    • Good knowledge of the relevant fields of knowledge (translation, politics, economy, law).
    • Good use of Microsoft Office programs (in particular Word, power point and Access).
    • Meeting the Master's Program Jury requiremen
  • Test écrit
  • Entretien